Azure Experiment

As an experiment, I took advantage of a recent Microsoft offer for a free trial to run my website via Azure cloud services. At first glance, this appeared to be a good deal and could bring my hosting costs literally to nothing. The reality of this, however, was much different.

Squeezing a DVD on a Mac

While Apple provides an excellent general purpose DVD tool with iDVD, once you find yourself editing 1 hour videos it will quickly become problematic to squeeze those onto a single disc. This is a common problem with shows that we have recorded on our TiVo and would like to archive on a disc to either watch on the road or simply save for a future date. There are some professional tools capable of assisting with this task, but if it’s acceptable that your videos lose some fidelity then SmallDVD may be all you need.


Checking In On Dojo

One of the most capable AJAX toolkits available is Dojo, in addition to some excellent core technology the toolkit offers an assortment of handy widgets in the Dijit library. While I have enjoyed using Dojo despite some of the rather painful upgrade tracks, I have found the form validation invariably needs to be updated. (more…)