With Denise at Niagara Falls, Canada. Family photo in chilly Florida. Fancy looking car.

I primarily develop software using a wide assortment of database and programming languages. My favorite freetime activities are those that involve my family, but I’m also an avid movie buff, a bit of an audiophile and enjoy real-time strategy games. My favorite authors include Mark Twain, Philip Roth and Stephen King (I’m sure you can find them all on Amazon). Usability engineering is another favorite subject for me, I think Jakob Nielsen has done significant work in this area.

Originally I am from Canada but I grew up in the United States. After the Land of Enchantment (New Mexico), the family moved to upstate New York. We got to watch the Buffalo Bills stumble through a few Superbowls, after which I decided it was time to leave for California. If you happen to visit the area, make sure you stop by La Nova pizzeria and go to Ted’s for a hot dog.

While working in Silicon Valley for Giga Information Group I got to enjoy Tied House and of course Fry’s Electronics. After a few years I thought I missed snow, so I moved to Boston. There I worked for various companies, including Toysmart and Corechange (mental note: need to update these company links more frequently). I met a lot of great people there and would have not moved again had it been for the weather and the road construction.

Today I live in sunny Bonita Springs, Florida and enjoy both the bugs and amazing heat. The small family of alligators in the nearby marsh certainly keeps things lively, and it seems clear that air-conditioning was an important invention.

A few years ago I met Denise, and we are now married! She is simply the most incredible person I have met, we have quite a bit in common yet we still find time for things that interest us both.

I can be reached via email <[email protected]> or you can sometimes find me on Yahoo! IM as sarjeant.

About micromux

Although there might be a purpose for this site I won’t attempt to describe that here.

Something that is termed “micro” is typically small. For example, a microcomputer is a personal computer that is smaller than a minicomputer but somewhat larger than a calculator. A “MUX” is short for multiplexer, and it allows you to create composite signals. For example, using two modems to connect to the Internet and trafficking data seamlessly over both is called multiplexing.

Anyhow, this site is relatively small but attempts to take a lot of my data and present it at one source.

The site is managed using wordpress. Images are all the result of Gimp and scans were done using Sane (although a few were read from my camera using GPhoto).