There are a few projects on this page representing utilities and technology demonstrations. For the most part these should be considered open source and can be modified to suite your specific application.


Based on AtomicParsley, this Perl script is able to synchronize an iTunes non-DRM encrypted media folder with a directory shared by a TiVo server such as pyTivo.

Cassandra Twig

Cassandra JDBC driver with support for popular JDBC query tools like DbVisualizer.


Native Ubuntu application for querying HTTP/HTTPS with form submission data (GET or POST) and reviewing the raw response.

Dumb Acrobat Plugin

Simulate an Adobe Acrobat plugin for Linux. Many websites look for a plugin called “Adobe Acrobat”, if you have installed the Acrobat Reader then this name cannot be found. Use this plugin to include Adobe Acrobat in your list of plugins, this only works for Linux i686. After extracting the tar, the plugin can be found in bin/ and can be copied to your Mozilla plugins directory.

Java Chat Server

A chat server that provides multithreaded client support and proper shutdown using Sun JDK 1.5. You can download the source and distribution from the project link. After extracting, the server can be launched via java -jar chatserver.jar from within the dist directory.

BASE64 Encoder/Decoder

A command line utility for UNIX that implements BASE64 per
RFC 2045. After compiling, basic command line arguments include -encode [FILE] to create a BASE64 version of [FILE] and -decode [FILE] to create the BASE64 decoded version (ie: original format).

Java FTP Client

Rudimentary Java ftp client, this is really a developer library at this point. Implementation observes the rules set forth in RFC 959. To contribute to this project, please visit my space on Github at