Eric W. Sarjeant

[email protected]

Position Sought

Develop and deploy innovative computer applications that enable users to pursue meaningful enterprises.

Work Experience

04/2014 – present
Above Property

Senior Software Engineer
Naples, FL

Developing next generation CRS software for the hospitality industry.

9/2013 - 04/2014

.NET Developer III
Naples, FL

Maintain and support a suite of business applications in a Microsoft .NET ecosystem. Introduced Nuget for project dependencies to help standardize application build and deployment methodologies. Primary development tools include Visual Studio 2013 and TFS, with development work focused on ASP.NET Webforms and SQL Server.

8/2009 – 9/2013
Pegasus Solutions

Senior Programmer Analyst
Bonita Springs, FL

Maintain and enhance a CRS for the hospitality industry. The Pegasus RVNG platform supports OTA and AMF messaging for GDS on a modern Java architecture. Primary development tools are focused on Java/JSP with Oracle RDBMS and PL/SQL. Provide a supporting role for RVNG migrations from legacy reservation management systems. This includes operational work as administrator on production systems for the purposes of executing successful customer migrations.

Development methodologies leverage agile techniques with Rally for user story planning. Version control systems include primarily SVN and CVS with both IntelliJ and NetBeans for IDE.

4/2006 – 8/2009

Senior Software Developer
Naples, FL

Implement and support a variety of internal applications for the enterprise with deployment on the desktop and via the web. Primary development tools are focused on Microsoft .NET 1.1/2.0 with most development in C# using MS-SQL Server. Some legacy integration work is maintained in MS Access and ColdFusion MX 7/8.

Key projects include a unified CAD directory management tool, website for collaborating with clients and vendors, CRM database with MS Access and ASPx front-end, automated timesheet application for survey field-crew, and a variety of reporting applications. Actively engaged in corporate virtualization efforts including VMware Server deployment for a number of new systems.

Leverage agile practices including test-driven development and iterative application implementation. Web interfaces use AJAX techniques to minimize HTML rendering, currently utilizing Dojo and JSON for presentation and data transport respectively.

5/2002 – 3/2006

Senior Software Engineer
Naples, FL

Involved in a variety of software development projects. Maintained and enhanced an early generation web-based portal delivery application. This product was extended to support web-based portlet delivery and database installation directly from a WAR deployment.Member of a team developing a GUI scheduling application using AWT/SWING presentation and an XML data transport. Primary responsibility included application security architecture, including an encryption library using a Blowfish ECB block cipher in Java and C. This work was extended with another project to a secure network licensing protocol using TCP/IP and JCE.Currently working with a team to build a BSM application. Deployed code monitoring techniques to pro-actively manage the application development life cycle.

2/2002 – 10/2002
Graphite Software

Principal Architect
Naples, FL

Developed a web-based clinical data application using Apache Tomcat and PostgreSQL. Provided rapid entry of baseline patient information and demonstrated real time analysis of trends in tabular and graphical forms. All clarified study data was patient de-identified in accordance with HIPPA, and forms were Electronic Signature compliant (21 CFR Part 11: Electronic Records; Electronic Signatures).

This was a startup company where my role was the principal developer. The primary objective was to provide a web based analysis tool for Phase IV Clinical Trials and to partner with a fulfillment partner to provide on-line direct drug orders.

7/2001 – 2/2002
Medical e Network

Systems Architect
Naples, FL

Designed and implemented Electronic Medical Record (EMR) applications. Primary duties included managing a development team, coordinating design aspects of core technology, drafting architecture proposals, achieving team consensus on design strategies, planning project development time-lines and various other managerial tasks.

Coordinated product delivery strategies, closely managed source code change control activities in conjunction with database version control. Reported directly to the President of the company where my focus was to release the next generation EMR tool while addressing concerns of both Sales and Senior Management.

6/2000 – 7/2001

Senior Software Engineer / Architect
Boston, MA

Responsible for design and development of a second generation portal solution using Java, XML/XSL, JCE, JNDI, JDBC, and LDAP. Devised strategy for abstracting data access to both JDBC and JNDI sources. Implemented unified strategy for loading and templating portal functions supporting multiple devices with XSLT and a portal function factory. Leveraged an Ajax-style interface using JavaScript, XML and DHTML.

Involved in the authoring of performance testing guidelines and enabled QA to quantify system metrics. Established coding standards and enforced JavaDoc documentation requirements.

Presented architectural capabilities to prospective customers, investors and partners. Managed small teams of developers (2-4) in the implementation phase to ensure uniformity of design and documentation.

7/1999 – 5/2000

Senior Web Developer / Systems Architect
Waltham, MA

Lead developer responsible for implementing e-commerce solutions on the web. Primary development tools included ASP, VB and SQL (T/SQL). Primary coding responsibilities included personalization using Microsoft Membership and MS-SQL server. Optimized legacy code-base in preparation for a high growth holiday shopping season. Troubleshooted complex systems integration problems in production and staging environments.

Member of architectural team responsible for designing next generation Internet commerce solutions. Proposed and documented key components in a scalable e-commerce design capable of meeting changing business requirements. Activities also included analysis of emerging website technologies including BroadVision, InterWorld and iPlanet.

9/1995 – 7/1999
Giga Information Group

Senior Web Applications Developer
Norwell, MA

Involved in a variety of development activities with focus on the World Wide Web and the Internet. Development tools included Java, Perl, C, ASP, Lotus Notes (Notes Macros, LotusScript, NotesSQL, Domino, OLE), VB, MAPI (CDO) and SQL (T/SQL, JDBC, ODBC)

Maintained a corporate website implemented as a proprietary Java CGI scripting environment. Member of the team responsible for building the site. Developed the next generation web-based system using Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Site Server and Microsoft ASP. Lead Giga developer on a 4 person team responsible for architecting the system and a primary lead on the integration and deployment phase.

Member of the IS support staff and worked as a TSE on the front-line of our customer support department. Served as the Postmaster and Webmaster for our company. Responsible for troubleshooting a variety of network issues. Software exposure included Perl, SQL, ASP, and Lotus Notes primarily on Solaris/SunOS, Linux, Windows 95 and Windows NT. Hardware experience included administrative support for Sparc, SGI Indy, Cisco 2500/2509 routers, NeLink Network Express ISDN dialup router, and a variety of user workstations and portables.

9/1994 – 9/1995
ExperNet Corporation

Systems Administrator/TSE
Palo Alto, CA

Provided support for a Lotus Notes ISP. Activities included configuring routers and modem pools, Notes installation and documentation, Btrieve database maintenance, Notes/accounting integration, and UNIX systems administration.

Consulting Experience

2/2004 – 12/2004
Conceivium, Inc.

Software Consultant
Naples, FL

Designed and implemented a mobile terminal solution for Blackberry wireless hand-held devices. The terminal application supports TELNET and SSH protocols, and can support a variety of terminal emulations including VT2xx, ANSI and TN3270. A custom server was implemented to optimize the data transport between the Blackberry device and the remote terminals.

Primarily responsible for implementation of the core systems architecture. This included the terminal client and server and all facets of the Midlet design for the Blackberry. Coordinated the project with one other developer who was tasked with the TN3270 emulation.

11/2003 – 4/2004
Neighborhood America

Software Consultant
Naples, FL

Provided extensive maintenance and upgrades for a VB .NET application running on PocketPC 2003 devices. Data delivery was implemented using MS SQL Server replication and SQL Server CE. The application provides electronic punch lists for builders and contractors with synchronization to a central database. Delivered a complete MSI installer for seamless deployment through ActiveSync.

This project was functionally complete, my consultation work was focused on optimizing elements of the interface within the design constraints of the PocketPC. This required focusing on memory limitations and general interface enhancements. Furthermore, there were fundamental architectural issues that had to be identified for the client to be able to pursue a TabletPC version of the product.

On completion of this project, a detailed design discussion was held with other developers at the client site to prepare them for taking over the code and transitioning to new technologies (Blackberry and TabletPC).



University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
Bachelor’s Degree
English, Computer Science (minor)


The Park School of Buffalo
High School

Technology Experience

Programming Experience: Java (1.0-8.0), C#, VB (1.0-7.0), C (UNIX/NT), VB.NET

Scripting Experience: JSP, ASP.NET, ASP, JavaScript/AJAX/JSON, HTML/DHTML, Perl, JSF, XSL, Perl, PHP, sh/csh, Python

Database Experience: MS-SQL (6.5-7.0, 2000 and 2005), Oracle (8i – 9i), Cassandra (2.1-2.2), DB2 (7.0), Lotus Notes (3.0-5.0), MS-Access(95-2000), MS Exchange (5.0 and 2000), PostgreSQL 7-8

Database Middleware: JDBC, ADO, Web Services, XML, JCE, ODBC, RDO, RPC, MAPI, OLEDB

Operating Systems: UNIX (SunOS/Solaris, Linux, BSD, IRIX), MS Windows

Application Experience: Blackberry JDE, MS Visual C/C++, MS VisualBasic, MS Visual Studio .NET, Windows CE .NET, IntelliJ IDEA, CDLP/MIDP, VisualAge for Java, Borland JBuilder, NetBeans, Symantec VisualCafe Pro, Sybase PowerDesigner, Apache Tomcat, Apache Ant, Sun Java JDK 1.0-1.8, JUnit, NUnit, WebSphere, WebLogic, Argo UML, Rational Clearcase, Rational Rose, Visio, Visual Source Safe, RCS/CVS/SCCS, StatCVS, EMACS, vi, IIS, MS Office, sendmail, INN, Lotus Notes, MS Outlook, MS Exchange