This is a fork of the Cassandra JDBC Driver codenamed “Twig”. The purpose of this modification is to provide a JDBC compliant driver for Cassandra that has functional query support for common JDBC development tools (DbVisualizer, IntelliJ, etc.). While the original driver is capable it lacks a few key things:

  • Cassandra 2.x / 3.x
  • Table name support for MetaData
  • ResultSet support for LIST, SET or MAP via JDBC getObject()
  • Rendering UDT fields
  • Encrypted connections
  • JUnit tests for these things
  • Whatever else comes along…

This fork is hosted on Github as a result of the demise of Google Code:

Packages are provided here for easy download and installation, all of the necessary dependencies are bundled so it is painless to configure your favorite query tool. Instructions for setting up DbVisualizer are included below.

For enabling encryption, both the trustStore and trustPass need to be specified on the JDBC properties. For an example of this, refer to the documentation on Github.


  1. Create new Database Driver. Select Tools – Driver Manager and press the “Create new driver” button in the toolbar. The URL format should be jdbc:cassandra://<server>:<port>/<database>. Update the Driver File Paths to reference the Cassandra Twig driver (eg: cassandra-twig-jdbc-2.1.1.jar).DbVisualizer-Cassandra Driver ConfigurationClose the Driver Manager window.
  2. Create a Connection. Select the “Create a new Connection” button in the Databases tab. When prompted, choose “No Wizard”. Complete the form as follows.
    Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 7.10.24 PMReplace the host and keyspace in the “Database URL” with your own settings. Authentication is not currently supported.
  3. Test the Connection. Open the database and browse the available keyspaces. Expand a keyspace and browse the data in any of your tables.
    Cassandra-Browse Database
Java cassandra-twig-jdbc-3.0.1.jar
Cassandra 3.x + CQL V3 with support for Materialized Views and LocalDate / LocalTime
Java cassandra-twig-jdbc-3.0.0.jar
Cassandra 3.x + CQL V3
Java cassandra-twig-jdbc-2.1.1.jar
Cassandra 2.1.x + CQL V3
Java cassandra-twig-jdbc-2.1.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar
Cassandra 2.1.x + CQL V3
Java cassandra-twig-jdbc-1.0.0-jar-with-dependencies
Cassandra 2.0.x + CQL V2


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