Synchronize movies from an iTunes directory with a directory being published by pyTivo. Creates a hard-link to the iTunes movies from the specified Tivo movie directory. Automatically categorizes movies by genre. Meta-data is extracted from the iTunes media to create TiVo parsable text files.

Requires AtomicParsley to work, basic install steps:

  1. Install AtomicParsley.
    sudo apt-get install atomicparsley
  2. Install AtomicParsley::Command for Perl.
    sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install AtomicParsley::Command'
  3. Install Linux::Inotify2
  4. sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install Linux::Inotify2'

Obviously, although this is a Perl script it is rather dependent on a UNIX host where it is possible to use inotify to monitor a directory for a file change. In essence, this waits for the media to get written to your iTunes directory and then creates the hard link based on data extracted from the media using AtomicParsley.

If your videos are DRM encrypted of course, this mechanism will not work around that. For editing the meta tags, you can of course use AtomicParsley or if you are on a Mac you’ll want to check out MetaX.