It looks like Walgreen’s will be getting into the movie-burning business using something called Qflix.. The iPod has taught consumers that the movie is not the media; in fact, movies can be represented as digital files on a computer without any media involved whatsoever. The digital movie burning kiosk is an ideal technology to bridge the gap between the media age and the era of digital delivery.


The idea is actually pretty simple, a computer is installed into a kiosk configuration with a DVD burner and a large database of movies. Consumers use the kiosk to purchase movies and the selection is then burned onto a standard DVD. This offers the consumer more options when renting a movie, if you’re looking for an obscure title, it doesn’t take any more floorspace to store that video so it’s easier for something like Qflix to make this available.

“The iPod has taught consumers that the movie is not the media”

Ultimately, this will be a stepping stone to full digital delivery to the home. For those who aren’t yet connected with Amazon Unbox or Netflix Watch Instantly, this kind of solution is a great way to bridge the digital divide. Very soon, however, it will be just as easy to do this kind of thing from the comfort of your Lazboy reciliner.

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