Annual 2020 Predictions

While somewhat truant in my predictions for this current year, expectations for the year prior were a bit elusive. Given the gravity of the Equifax data breach, it seemed reasonable that credit reporting agencies would need to find ways to re-invent their business models in an effort to regain consumer Read more…

Annual 2018 Predictions

My expectations for 2017 were somewhat top-heavy on Apple restructuring their product lineup; while this did not occur there are indicators it may still materialize. It looks like Google Andromeda met with an untimely demise, but internally Fuchsia continues the work to join together Chrome OS with Android. Finally, the advent of the WannaCry ransomware attack could have been an Internet brownout event, but fortunately there was a defect that allowed for the malware to be easily neutralized.

Annual 2017 Predictions

At the top of my 2016 predictions was the concern over digital trust, can consumers trust digital systems with their information? It’s hard to say if this year was a tipping point or not, there were quite a few scandals but the primary events that could fuel this disturbance was the San Bernardino iPhone crack and the purported DNC hack that may have been perpetrated by foreign actors. If there is any truth to the latter, the repercussions could be monumental; however, this remains to be proven.