Our methods of communication have become more varied and indirect. It seems that we are able to leverage a myriad of new technologies to further separate ourselves from true interpersonal dialog. Today it is perceived to be easier to text message someone rather than to verbally communicate over the phone or in person.

As a result of this, there is a new generation of socially disconnected people entering the workforce. These individuals are unable to maintain direct person-to-person relationships either at home or in the workplace. In my opinion, it is an escalating problem that ultimately threatens our productivity and quality of life.

Much of this is compounded by the immediacy of information. In fact, this information overload is more difficult than ever to extricate from our daily lives. The modern cellphone is not only capable of letting you text message your friends, but it can distract you with an infinite stream of useless information via Internet websites.

The result of the information age may in fact prove itself a detriment to the average person. While we may emerge as well informed denizens, we are disconnecting ourselves from each other in the process.

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