Apple is migrating to the Intel platform. They are already offering a Developer Transition Kit and claim to have pretty solid operating system support for the Intel platform.

While there has been some acceptance for Linux operating systems, the number of OEM distributors is relatively small. It seems more likely that the new alternative operating system could quickly emerge as Mac OS X. The OS X operating system proides the stability of a UNIX architecture with the graphical versatility of a Mac, and most PC users relish the prospect of getting the OS X eye candy running on their favorite PC.

Imagine your next Dell shipping with either Windows XP or OS X. While a Windows GUI is fairly intuitive, it lacks the luster of OS X running at full tilt. Apple has continued to innovate, with Dashboards, Spotlight and Expose. Some of these are just neat graphical tricks, while others are a combination of graphics and function keys, but the fact of the matter is these tools all make using your Mac a lot more fun.

There is already some speculation that Dell may ship computers with OS X, but it seems equally probable that HP would ship a workstation pre-loaded with OS X. Remember, HP and Apple are already in an alliance to manufacture iPods, and HP is currently looking for a way to distinguish itself from the assemblage of computer clones. Also keep in mind that when you’re looking at HP you will also get the Compaq namesake as well, since these companies are now one an the same.

A combination of Dell and HP/Compaq computers shipping with OEM copies of Mac OS X pre-installed would accelerate the acceptance of the Apple operating system. While Microsoft doesn’t have to worry about any erosion to its dominant market position, it will mean a renewed focus on application development may be necessary for MS to continue growing.

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