There are only a few things we can do to really make ourselves feel healthy. Regular trips to the gym certainly play a significant factor. Of course, eating the right foods is always important, and when you’re done eating it’ always good to brush your teeth.
You would think that this relatively medial task of oral hygienics would be straightforward. In fact, it’s even possible to imagine this could almost be fun.
A variety of mouthwash products can add sparkle to that smile. These are simple to use, and tend to come in a variety of flavors and colors. This trend has started to affect even dental floss, which comes in a variety of strengths, thicknesses, flavors and even colors too.
Of course toothpaste is the ultimate mouth medley, you can pick from a cornucopia of bizarre flavors and capabilities. Imagine brushing with strawberry bubble flavor toothpaste that includes a whitening agent to make your teeth sparkle when you’re done.
Obviously with the significance of toothpaste, the toothbrush has started to take on even greater importance. It’s not enough to have bristles on the end of a stick, the stick has to flex in various directions. To ensure a fitful battle with your teeth, these brush sticks are covered with rubber grips and are contoured to meet the needs of a clenched fist. It seems with all the plaque building around our teeth, toothbrush vendors want is to scrub our teeth vigorously.
Unfortunately, like many other great technological advances, the toothbrush vendors have neglected to inform the toothbrush cup holder manufacturers that the overall thickness of the toothbrush is increasing. This makes it virtually impossible to buy a toothbrush and find an appropriate toothbrush holder for it. If you’re one of the millions who happen to have toothbrush holders mounted in your bathroom, then it’s probably wasted space for you.
It’s been a few years since a regular toothbrush was available to consumers. Since then, monolithic rubberized flexible aesthetic designs have obsoleted any toothbrush storage mechanisms you might have had. The state of toothbrush storage wouldn’t be so atrocious if the toothbrush vendors could at least coordinate bush metric modifications with the toothbrush holder vendors.
So don’t stop getting the latest mouthwash colors, or some of the new adaptive thickness dental floss kits, but think twice before picking up one of those newfangled toothbrushes.

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