As users adopt alternate web browsing habits, the popularity of Chrome, Firefox and Safari are changing the desktop browser landscape. During the normal course of helping users migrate to new browser platforms, this path often results from an inoperative Windows desktop PC that has no recovery disk and invariably includes a recovery partition on the primary hard drive which has become corrupt as a consequence of hardware failure.

In most cases, users are happy to simply recover files off the computer and this will invariably include Internet Explorer bookmarks. If a replacement computer has already been acquired, it is most often either a Mac or an iPad, which are not compatible with IE bookmarks. Most users are happy to at least get an HTML file with all of their IE Favorites in it – and this is exactly what my conversion tool does for you.

Create a ZIP of the Favorites directory and upload it using this form, the result is a bookmarks.html file with your IE Favorites converted into links that you can view on a page or import into popular browsers (most notably Mozilla Firefox). You do not need to get the host computer running again to do this, and if you end up converting the PC to something like Ubuntu then this bookmark file can be imported directly.

IE Favorites Bookmark Converter

Favorites (ZIP File): 

None of these files are kept on the server after processing, they are temporary and translated in memory only. Depending on your browser, you may be prompted to download a file called bookmarks.html or this file may get automatically placed in your Downloads directory.

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woalamore · October 22, 2012 at 3:36 pm

Thank you sooo much. Somehow I have lost IE on my computer (uninstalled IE 9 and no IE was left on my system) and cannot reinstall it. I will eventually have to reinstall Windows 7; however, this is a great interim fix for me having IE favorites on Firefox. Thanks again!!
PS Be careful, those of you who want to get rid of IE and only use Firefox — many of Windows 7 programs are tied to IE and I can no longer use Admin tools, Device Manager….. bad news!! IE is booby-trapped if you try to get rid of it.

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