In the twilight of our greatest terror, America stands poised for a sustained military conflict against an elusive enemy. There is no doubt that the horrors of this Tuesday will be eternally engrained in our memories, but we should temper our angst with introspection of these events.

More importantly, understanding the essence of this evil is the only means to devise appropriate countermeasure. A treachorous approach is one that demands immediate forceful response, especially considering the perpetrators of these crimes are likely anticipating this kind of reaction. These terorists are educated in modern miltary techniques and are connected to our vast array of information technologies.

Every action that we take creates an opposite reaction. In fact, it is these actions that have at least partially places us in this predicament. The terrorist groups that attack us today are the same groups that we provided weapons and military training to.

Is it possible a violent assult of Afghanistan or Iraq can cause the desired immediate affect? More than likely, this kind of attack will provide a sense of relief that there is something Americans can do in the war against terrorism. The truth, however, is that these groups are willing to die in a conflict against the world power of the United States. Any military attack that we make today will result in a faceless attack against American citizens tomorrow.

The Osama bin Laden terrorist group does not believe that any Americans are innocent. We are all equally guilty of any attack executed either by our government or our military. Therefore, by invoking our military we will all be attacking Laden and every American in every place of every country will then be guilty of this assult.

The terrorism continues as a consequence of any response. This is not the kind of world civilized people live in.

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