Grocery shopping should be a relatively straightforward task. One can imagine picking up fruits and vegitables, followed closely thereafter with some dairy products and a cold farm-grown chicken.
Unfortunately, arriving at the bread isle is a recipe for disaster. This is the age old quandry of getting enough hotdog buns to support the hots dogs available in another isle. Amazingly enough, the American plastics industry is now in cahoots with the soda manufacturers.
A relatively obscure company called America Cooks manufacures a wonderful gadget called the Soda Shoot. This plastic creation can be positioned in your refrigerator and allows you to store soda cans. While the front purports to sequester only the most popular cans on the market, the fine print reminds us that it “dispenses ten 12 ounce cans”.
What exactly am I suppose to do with the other two? Or should I beligerantly ignore these storage capabilities and buy six packs of soda while sacrificing storage capability.
This is yet another example of the consumer getting a great idea that altogether misses the mark. A lack of requirements analysis has produced this gem, and as I proceed to shotgun my first diet softdrink of the evening, I wonder if there is any way I could possible fit another can in the Soda Shoot.

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