AirPrint on Linux with iOS 6

For those of you that have upgraded to iOS 6, you may have discovered that my AirPrint tutorial no longer works. This results from the fact that URF is the required format, and the PDF container relied on previously cannot render pages from an iOS 6 device. To fix this you need to compile the urftopdf filter for CUPS and modify your AVAHI configuration accordingly.
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Home Movies for Your Tivo

We recently upgraded from a Philips Tivo Series 1 to a new HD model with networking and the ability to record HDTV. Using iTivo on my Mac it was pretty straightforward to take some TV shows off the new Tivo and copy them to an iPhone for viewing on-the-go. Going in the other direction, however, it was going to be easier for me to setup my Linux server to host the videos as this has plenty of storage and is always available.

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My Samsung SyncMaster 215TW is a fabulous display that has proven challenging to configure with Ubuntu. At the very top of the list is the inability for the DVI connector to do anything at all, even when the computer starts in text mode there is nothing onscreen. After plugging in a Windows laptop, it seemed the only conclusion was that DVI is effectively unsupported on this display. Continue reading