Logitech Harmony Companion

The Logitech Harmony Companion is a universal remote consisting of a base with a remote control that doesn't require IR to communicate with the base station ("hub"). The hub is capable of sending IR signals to all of your compatible devices and you may install up to 2 extenders which are used to increase the IR coverage of your remote. (more…)

By Eric, ago

iTunes for TiVo

Until recently, my iTunes media has been trapped on my PC without any easy path to my television. Apple offers some great solutions, using an AppleTV or connecting a Mac Mini to my big screen would provide a great viewing experience. However, we already have a Tivo and rely on this for just about everything - so it seems like this would be a good place to start. (more…)

By Eric, ago

Home Movies for Your Tivo

We recently upgraded from a Philips Tivo Series 1 to a new HD model with networking and the ability to record HDTV. Using iTivo on my Mac it was pretty straightforward to take some TV shows off the new Tivo and copy them to an iPhone for viewing on-the-go. Going in the other direction, however, it was going to be easier for me to setup my Linux server to host the videos as this has plenty of storage and is always available. (more…)

By Eric, ago