Upgrading to PHP 7

PHP has provided a simple yet capable web scripting language for as long as I can remember. In the last few years, it has matured from a home-brew scripting language to one with a formal specification. Part of this process included the adoption of PHP 7 where there are a number of critical changes to consider before migrating your PHP 5 applications. (more…)

By Eric, ago

Home Sweet Home

Some years ago now, a co-worker mentioned Sweet Home 3D, at which point I proceeded to download and map out every inch of my house. It has actually proven itself invaluable for a number of what-if scenarios, including the purchase of a larger desk in our home office as well as other projects which involved rearranging items from one room to the next. (more…)

By Eric, ago

Azure Experiment

As an experiment, I took advantage of a recent Microsoft offer for a free trial to run my website via Azure cloud services. At first glance, this appeared to be a good deal and could bring my hosting costs literally to nothing. The reality of this, however, was much different. (more…)

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